MIDWEEK Groups are where Christ Church life takes place…

…where we help one another live the Christian life, listen to God’s word, tell stories of what he’s doing in our lives, and pray for each other, together seeking the Holy Spirit’s power in our lives. Groups are typically between 6 to 26 people meeting in homes and cafes across East London.

Christ Church Spitalfields MIDWEEK Groups – we’d love you to join in.

Our Evening Groups:

  • Achiya leads a group Wednesdays in Spitalfields, Chicksand Estate
  • Amy leads a group Tuesdays in Bethnal Green 
  • Charles & Hannah lead a group Thursdays in Spitalfields
  • Javier leads a group Tuesdays in the Rectory
  • Kim & Craig lead a group Tuesdays in Bow E3
  • Leon and Cat lead a group Tuesdays in Spitalfields, Hanbury St.
  • Kai, Didi, James & Irene lead a group Tuesdays in Canada Water
  • Paul and Emily lead a group Tuesdays on the Olympic Park
  • Fin and Claire lead a group Tuesdays in Spitalfields, Allen Gardens
  • Shawn leads a group Tuesdays in Aldgate
  • Mez leads a group Tuesdays in Brick Lane
  • Daniel & Sarah lead a group on Tuesdays in Angel, N1
  • Dani & Nicole lead a group that meet on Tuesdays in the Rectory next to the Church
  • Matt & Fiona lead a group that meet on Tuesdays Near Allen Gardens

To get connected email: hello@ccspits.org

  ‘The believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer’ Acts 2.42