Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals

We believe in marriage!

Lisa-Raine and Jackson

And we love doing weddings. We offer all couples marriage preparation sessions and provide opportunities to talk through their hopes, fears, plans and dreams, as well as helping plan the big day.

To be married at Christ Church you will either;

  • be members of our church family
  • live in our parish
  • have strong provable links with us or the parish

For more details on eligibility: visit the Church of England website.

To discuss your wedding plans or marriage support and training, please contact our office, who will guide you to the clergy team.


We believe in Jesus!

And Jesus says that those who believe in him will want to be baptised.

We believe baptism follows when someone accepts the Christian faith and wants to enter into full church membership. We baptise believers by full immersion. If you want your child baptised, we are very happy to talk to you about baptism and the Christian faith. We believe the Alpha course is good preparation for all forms of baptism.


We believe in life after death!

Death comes to us all and we want to support those walking through this experience. Whether you are terminally ill, recently bereaved or remembering a loved one, we can help in a variety of ways. Funerals are usually arranged through a funeral director who will contact our clergy for you, but please feel free to approach us directly too.

‘My days were written in your book before any came to be’ Psalm 139.16