CCS 19cChrist Church was built between 1714 and 1729 as part of the  Fifty New Churches Act of 1711, backed by Queen Anne, who was keen to ‘bring religion to the godless masses of London’.

There is a brief history available on our Fact Sheet History at Christ Church

British History Online is useful for a more detailed historical overview.


Christ Church was restored between 1970 and 2003 this was largely led by the Friends of Christ Church Spitalfields. Their website also holds detailed information about the architecture of our church.


Family Records

If you are looking for family records, -we only hold marriage records from 28 August 1998 and Baptism certificates from 5 March 1961. All Registers prior to those dates are held by The London metropolitan archive.  (LMA)


Memorial Plaques in Christ Church

We have over 40 memorial plaques in the church dating from the 18th century onwards.

For more information see our Fact Sheet Memorial Plaques at Christ Church