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The Holy Spirit – Wind of Change

Johnny preaches on John 17.9-16 – The Spirit sanctifies

1. In John 17 Jesus prays for you and I.  What do we learn about Gods love for us through the way He prays?  What other examples are there of Jesus praying for His people?

2. The Message summarises v17 this way: ‘make them holy – consecrated – with the truth; your word is consecrating truth’.  V 19 goes on to say ‘I’m consecrating myself for their sakes so they’ll be truth consecrated in their mission’ What does this mean for us?

3. V11 says ‘protect them by the power of Your name’.  What are the names of God that we use in our prayer and why?  Pray for one another specifically using a name of God to bless, heal, restore, protect, encourage.

Holy Spirit – Wind of Change

Andy Speaks on Acts 8.26-40 – The Holy Spirit Leads


1 Those who are led by the Spirit are Children of God (Rom 8.14) and so what does this look like in your life?

2 Guard me, Guide me, Keep me, Feed me.  Four Ways in which the Spirit leads us -which resonates with you at the moment?

3 The Spirit led Philip to come alongside the Ethiopian and help him see Jesus, who might the Spirit be nudging you to come alongside this week and help to see Jesus more clearly?

Holy Spirit – The Wind of Change

Andy speaks on John 16.1-16

LIFE Questions

1 How has the Holy Spirit led you into truth?

2 In what ways are you currently inviting the Spirit to work in your life for the extension of God’s kingdom?

3 The Spirit seeks always to glorify Jesus – where are you praying for Jesus glory to transform the world?

Wind of Change – The Spirit of Jesus: The Holy Spirit fills

Darren speaks on Ephesians 5.8-21 & John 20.22


What are the ares in your life where you feel like the “wind has been knocked out of you?” This could be because of either setback, loss or personal challenge.

What has been your experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit? How has this equipped you to live life in a more full and complete way?

Which of the marks of the Spirit mentioned by Paul in Ephesians 5:8–21 is something you’d like to grow in, with the Spirit’s help? The list can include: Living in wisdom. Making the most of time. Creative expression. Worship and gratitude. Mutual submission out of reverence for Christ