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Called to Be. Tool 5- The Divinity

Andy explores on Advent Sunday; Tool 5 ‘How God speaks to us today’

Luke 1.26-45 God speaks and l;ives are changed, destiny, purpose and meaning -He is interested in yours and wants to speak into your life.

Questions (3 Steps to hearing God more clearly.)

  1. The Holy Spirit is the one who will enable you to hear God’s voice, have you asked him into your life?
  2. God speaks through [1] His Word directy and taught, [2] Person to person revelation such as prophecy, words of knowledge. (Church members building up church members) [3] Directly into our hearts through dreams and visons and [4] through the still small voice in our minds and listening prayers. Which of these have you sensed he may be using with you?
  3. Thirdly, we should expect God to speak and we should seek to respond, both of these require faith. Pray that your faith would be enlarged and that you might trust God with more of your life tomorrow than yesterday.

Called to Be. Tool 4 – Our Community

Andy explores: how our community -the Church helps us discern vocation in Ephesians  1.15-23

LIFE Questions:

  1. V17 Paul prays for a community of God’s presence – how might you more activly seek God’s wisdom and revelation amongst the church family?
  2. V18 Paul prays that we would be a coomunity of encouragement among the Saints – how might you avail yourself of the ‘riches’ to be found in the church: hope, certainty and assurance?
  3. V19 Paul prays that we might be a community in the power of the Spirit – might you seek more of the Spirit’s empowering?

Called to Be. Tool 3 – Our Identity

Andy explore ‘Our Identity’ in 2Corinthians 5.16-6.2

How often do you take time to recall and rest in God’s unconditional love for you?

What are you currently craving for in your relationship with God; Learning, Worshipping, Praying?

We are called to serve God in our places of work,  our relationships and our church family -how is this working out in your life?

We are not just ‘God’s children’ resting in his love or ‘Jesus followers’ yearning after him, or ‘Servants in the Spirit’ serving God: we are ‘Ambassadors of a kingdom’ This invites us to be proud and authoritative representatives of God on earth. Stand tall and walk straight in your Christian identity.

Called to Be – Paul

Andy explores Paul the Tentmaker in Acts 17-18


1 Presence: How might you be more fully present in your work place and how might you more reflect the gospel in your work?

2 Explanation: Have you taken the opportunity to explain your faith to someone recently? Have invited your friends onto an Alpha course so that others could explain Jesus to them?

3 Gospel: Acts 17-18 remind us that the gospel calls us to repent from our home made idols and put our whole faith in Jesus. When we do so we will find that ‘when we have nothing, then we know that in Christ we have everything’ Keep going at repentance and faith today.

Called to Be – Nehemiah

Johnny explores Nehemiah -a civic leader in Nehemiah 1

1 In what ways does the life of Nehemiah speak most to you?
2 How does the complexity of the Nehemiah’s serving and speaking out for the cause of God encourage you?
3 Trust, prayer and action are essentials in this glimpse into Nehemiahs world. How might these further grow in your life?

Called to Be. Tool 2 – Our Reality

Andy looks with Ecclesiastes 3 at his second tool for discerning who we are called to be:

Our Reality

Life Questions:

1 To what extent is your life lived seasonally? Where do festivals and a sabbath principle fit into your spirituality?

2 How much are you aware on the truth of Eccl 3.11? That eternity is within us, that we are made in God’s image for more than just a temporal three score years and ten?

3 Lastly the sermon encourages us to ‘seek first the kingdom of God’ in all times and places – what does this look like in your life?

Called to Be. Tool 1 : Our History

Called to Be – a new sermon series: Read more here: C2B.

Andy unpacks ‘Our History’ and reflects on Psalm 139

LIFE Questions

God made us out of his pleasure and we are loved regardless of who we are right now, reflect on the fact though that ‘your history is not your destiny – you are now defined by eternity’

How much of your life reflects the patterns and scripts of your family of origin? And how are these being re-written by your heavenly family?

2 Cor 5.17 In Christ we are each a new creation, we have been redeemed, just like Israel when they were set free from Egypt. Do you know, really know that you have been set free to live beyond the box made of your fears and uncertainties, to live freely the adventure of faith?


Urban Harvest Thanksgiving

Johnny explores Matthew 25.31-46 with All Ages in the church family

LIFE Questions:

  1. Remember a time when someone was particularly kind to you and how it felt.
  2. Read v35-36 and ask yourself which of these callings impacts you the most -could you grow in that area?
  3. List and pray for 5 Christian organisations who show God’s love to the needy.